The pace at which humans can write code is the only thing that stands between us and flying cars, a habitat on Mars, and a cure for cancer.

Master Plan

We believe code intelligence can help bring the future sooner. Our long-term vision is to make it so everyone, in every community, in every country, and in every industry can create products using the best technology. Here is what we are working on now to help this happen:

  • Make basic code intelligence ubiquitous
  • Make code review continuous and intelligent
  • Increase the amount and quality of open-source code


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Together we are advancing technology. We will attract, hire and retain the best teammates in the world and treat everyone in a first-class manner.

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The collection of moments, experiences, and memories that the team shares as we make progress: the light moments, the laughter, the team coming together to solve a problem, etc.

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The continuous march toward achieving our mission as a team: the milestones, the successes, the breakthroughs, etc.


Our founders: Quinn Slack and Beyang Liu

Quinn Slack,CEO

Quinn Slack is CEO and co-founder of Sourcegraph. Prior to Sourcegraph, Quinn co-founded Blend Labs, an enterprise technology company with over 100 employees dedicated to improving home lending.

At Palantir Technologies, he created a technology platform to help two of the top five U.S. banks recover from the housing crisis. He was the first employee and developer at Bleacher Report after graduating from high school.

Quinn graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Stanford.

Beyang Liu,CTO

Beyang Liu is CTO and co-founder of Sourcegraph. Prior to Sourcegraph, Beyang was a software engineer at Palantir Technologies where he developed new data analysis software on a small, customer-facing team working with Fortune 500 companies.

Beyang studied Computer Science at Stanford, where he published research in probabilistic graphical models and computer vision at the Stanford AI Lab and thoroughly enjoyed his compilers course.


  • Redpoint
  • Goldcrest Capital
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • Sway Ventures

Board of Directors

  • Scott Raney

    Scott Raney

    Redpoint Ventures

  • Daniel Friedland

    Daniel Friedland

    Goldcrest Capital

  • Quinn Slack

    Quinn Slack


  • Beyang Liu

    Beyang Liu


Advisors and Supporters

Adam Ross, Goldcrest Capital

Bear Douglas, Slack

Jens Pillgram-Larsen, Google

James Waldrop, Fitbit

Mark Striebeck, Google

Audrey Maclean, Entrepreneur

Bill Malloy, Technologist & Financier

John Vrionis, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Kevin Mahaffey, Lookout

Peter Hébert, Lux Capital